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Functional art for literally every occasion and person.

Current Favourites:

SK Love Series - Summer 2023 Edition

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The How

Rachael really loves making stuff.

Inspired by emotion, nature, and those around her, she loves bringing her ideas to life through art! From bold colours that POP and eye-catching neutrals that soothe and calm, Rachael uses her artistic expression as a supplement to therapy on her healing journey as a survivor living with c-PTSD.

Rachael believes that art can heal, inspire and encourage a shift in perspective - and loves that she gets to share her journey with all of you.

Learn more about Rachael's chaos here!

the what

From mittens and beanies, to wall art and functional pieces painted with any combination of mediums - Rachael's art style is constantly changing and evolving, and you never know what you're going to get when she steps into the studio!

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The why

Every piece of art has a story - a tale of emotion, thought and inspiration. Through her blog (a WIP), Rachael uses words to explain the art and ultimately share her story with the world. Each piece she paints and every collection she drops has it's own unique story - and she's so decided to share that with all of you!

Check out the ever-evolving words behind the art!