Hello friends!

You've found your way to this page because you're interested in attending/getting more information about one of my alcohol ink workshops!

This page is full of information, so please read it over and let me know if you have any questions or concerns!

Dates: TBD. I’m hoping to host one/month, from August-December. Groups will be 4-10 people.

Where: either in my studio in Brighton, but I am willing to come to your homes to teach you and your friends too!

Cost: approx $40-$60, depending on project! Some of the ideas include coasters, wall art, magnets, trinket trays, bookmarks, etc!

Each workshop will be approximately 2-3 hours to complete, and in it you will learn a few wonderful things about creating some beautiful Alcohol Ink art!

Some of things you can expect:

- A super fun time with me

- A quick overview on safety and working with AI

- A few techniques using different tools


What you get from it:

- some quality time with your favourite alcohol ink artist

- some wall art/functional art to take home or give as gifts

- FUN!


What I need from you/Important points

- please fill out the form below. In the message field, please state that you are willing to follow all safety protocols and what kind of projects you would be interested in doing!

- After the workshop, I'll be asking for some feedback on things I can change, improve, omit, or add!

- Attendees will be required to follow all safety requirements. All who attend will have to wear organic filter respirators (I provide - it is included in the workshop fee) while the inks are being played with. If you do not want to wear a respirator, you will not be able to attend. AI is a volatile organic compound (VOC), which means it releases organic "stuff" into the air that can be inhaled and lead to health issues down the road with prolonged use and exposure. The most common thing people experience is feeling lightheaded, but a respirator will prevent that from happening!

- Due to the fact that we will be working with VOCs, please note that at this time my workshops are for ages 12 and over, and are not open to those who are currently pregnant. 

As interest starts to trickle in, I will send out more information with dates and other fun stuff!

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