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Rachael Friesen Studios

Dish Towel/Tea Towel/Kitchen Towel - Auburn Skies - DOUBLED UP - MADE TO ORDER

Dish Towel/Tea Towel/Kitchen Towel - Auburn Skies - DOUBLED UP - MADE TO ORDER

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Who says function can’t also be fashionable? Add a little style to your daily life with these 17"x26" tea towels!

Available in cotton linen canvas, these towels are printed with Rachael's art using permanent reactive inks that are durable enough to withstand even the most rough and tough jobs!

Cool things/Fun Facts:
- Each towel has a hang thingy so you can hang them on a hook!
- Made from Cotton Linen Canvas (68% cotton/32% linen) fabric.
- The art was created in Saskatoon, SK, but the towels are printed and sewn in Montreal!

Care instructions
I did a test wash on them, and the ONLY step that's super important is #1. The first wash MUST be done with the vinegar and salt. This prevents the colours from excess leaking during washing, AND helps soften the fabric a bit too! After that, wash with like colours and you're golden.

Now, if you want to cheat like I did, the first wash can be done in the sink. I just put a little bit of vinegar and salt in the sink with cold water, soaked and agitated the towel on and off for about five minutes, and then put it right into the washing machine with like colors! And I had zero issues!

The OFFICIAL instructions:
OK so they're a little high maintenance at the beginning but they're totally worth it... I promise!
For first washing, rinse separately from other laundry with cold water. Add one cup of vinegar and 2 teaspoons of salt to the load. Do not run on a reduced-water cycle. I threw a few towels in with mine and they did fine!
If you lay flat to dry, do not lay them down so there is any fabric over-lap Or colour-transfer may occur.
I threw mine in the dryer and there weren’t any issues!

For future washing, wash with a phosphate, free detergent with like colors. There may be some ink-bleed with the first 2-4 washes.

There may be some slight shrinkage due to the cotton content of the towels!
Do not bleach.

Available as singles, or as a set of two matching designs.

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