Collection: SK Love Series - Summer 2023 Edition

Here you’ll find the latest pre-order launch and any ready-to-ship items! 

Local Pickup in Saskatoon is available! Read below for code! 

Why so many options: 

Not every shirt is created equally. I wanted to offer a range of colours, fits, styles and SIZES to be as inclusive as possible! Please read each item’s description and reference the applicable size chart prior to placing your order! There’s quite a variety here!

Each style is its own listing. Not all colours and sizes are available in all styles. All styles are unisex, however certain styles fit different bodies in their own unique way, please use the descriptions, size charts, and photos as a guide! 

Local Pickup in Saskatoon and Regina is available! The system will make you put your address in and select shipping. Apply the codes below at checkout, based on where you'd like the pick up location to be, and the shipping charge will be removed! You will be contacted when they’re ready for pick-up info! More information in the product descriptions! 

For Pickup in Saskatoon: YXEPICKUP

For Pickup in Regina: REGINAPICKUP

Please note that a $3 handling charge applies to all orders being picked up in Regina. 

Shipping within Canada is FLAT RATE, and can be combined with other items available from my studio in Saskatoon! 

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