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Sticker - Sailor's Delight - Land of Living Skies Collection

Sticker - Sailor's Delight - Land of Living Skies Collection

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These stickers are very.... sticky.

They stick on things so well. Like so sticky. And they stay put.

AND, they're DISHWASHER safe. 

And durable, waterproof, weather proof, scratch resistant and the colours POP!

They are about 3" wide and 2.75"-ish tall. 

There's 12 designs total (as of right now), and you can find them all here:

What can you put them on? Basically everything. They can stick to a variety of different surfaces like hydro flasks, windows, laptops, walls, poles, and so many more things! Because the material is a little stretchy, they can easily go on round surfaces!

AND THEY STAY PUT. I have one on one of my water bottles, and it's been through the dishwasher like 40 times. It hasn't budged. She stuck. Because stickers are sticky.

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